Cell Tower Retrofit

With changes to the building codes and additional equipment added to cell towers or increased cell tower height, many cell tower foundations require additional support in the form of micropiles. Many new cell towers are also supported on micropiles, often being more economical than other types of foundations. WEC has large, high production drilling equipment for drilling foundations for new cell towers. We also have small, but powerful, high access drill rigs for working under existing cell towers.

Cell towers are often constructed on relatively steep, mountainsides. Some sites require cut and fill grading to create a level building site. With heavy rainfall, fill placed on steep hillsides often becomes unstable, jeopardizing the cell tower pad. The unstable fill can often be stabilized using the soil nailing method.

Please feel free to call us with your foundation needs. We have geotechnical engineers on staff that can assist you with the proper type of foundation for your site.

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